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Oil + Water specializes in micro-batch handcrafted skincare products made with high-quality organic ingredients and a strong focus on earth-friendly practices. Oil + Water's aim is to provide simple but luxurious, natural, and effective skincare products under the reductionist principle that less is more, and to promote awareness about clean beauty and eco-conscious living.



Oil + Water is a Brooklyn-based skincare and cosmetics company specializing in handcrafted, micro-batch products made with high quality natural and organic ingredients, as well as a strong focus on sustainable practices.










We believe in skincare that is simple, clean, and effective. We believe in fewer ingredients and exceptional quality. And we like the idea of fewer products too - skincare shouldn't be rocket science and shouldn't clutter our already busy lives. We want to eliminate an excess of choices for our customers.


We believe in accountability and personal engagement. We think that keeping things small ensures that more of our values are expressed in everything that we do. It keeps us honest and more connected. It ensures better quality control and a great customer experience. And the closer we are to our products, the more passionate we are about creating them - and passion is contagious.


We believe in a shorter shelf life. We want to change the perception that a longer-lasting product is a better product. If we buy less products in smaller quantities, we can invest in more natural and organic options that contain less chemicals and preservatives, and this means better health for us and our families.


We believe that beauty comes from the inside as well as the outside. We think that thoughtful rituals can nourish and rejuvenate us in both visible and invisible ways. And we believe that the "invisible" things have a way of showing through. We strive for skincare that is more than just skin-deep.


We believe in skincare before makeup. The healthier your skin is, the less you'll want to cover it up and the more its natural beauty will have a chance to shine through. We want less women to feel that they have to wear makeup in order to look beautiful. We love going bare-faced! We believe there is nothing more flattering on anyone than a radiant smile, a healthy flush, and glowing natural skin.


We believe in connecting with nature and giving back to the environment. We believe in awareness, and making conscious choices that do not compromise our planet. We believe in taking whatever steps we can, big or small, to ensure that nature's beauty is preserved for future generations.


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